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"Computing The New Normal"

In the new era of living with a pandemic, how does your equipment contribute to the new normal? Have you changed the way you do business yet? In this webinar, we discuss what "The New Normal" means, the need for contingency plans, investing in automation and other various IoT and IIoT relevant topics including:

1. Scheduled maintenance of your equipment.
2. If maintenance or calibration of your equipment is required for optimum performance.
3. If the cost of inspection of your equipment is not only high but also laborious.
4. If your competitors are in the process or already offer digital automation for preventive and predictive maintenance.

"IoT For Fun & Profit"

While the current pandemic has caused a pause in capital expenditures as well as other effects, one thing that keeps receiving investment is automation.

It’s not hard to understand why:  machines can monitor other machines and, within certain boundaries, alert, notify, and take action without human intervention.  From oil/gas and wind energy production to the factory floor, from remote asset tracking and monitoring to predicting maintenance, the Industrial Internet of Things is helping to save lives by reducing human physical contact.  In certain industries, critical labor shortages means that only increased automation can keep the wheels turning while improving safety.

In this webinar, noted Internet of Things expert product designer Alan R. Weiss of Corvalent Corporation explains how their new software product, CAT-APM (Connected Assets Technologies-Application Performance Monitoring) combined with intelligent, powerful edge computers saves millions of dollars, improves safety, and can even open up new sources of revenue for your company while minimizing risk. Industrial IoT, or Industry 4.0 to some, has gone beyond pilot and test programs to real-world implementation.  This interview will give you a clear understanding not only of IIoT, but exactly how it can benefit your company and turn you into a rock star.


Alan R. Weiss

Senior Product Manager for IoT

Alan R. Weiss has Fortune 500, International, and Start-up experience in IoT, including semiconductors, computers, networking, software, and enterprise IT applications. With hardware and software experience designing advanced IoT Healthcare (telehealth) systems to Industrial IoT dashboards and applications. Alan is the Senior Product Manager for IoT and Industrial Computing at Corvalent Corporation.